We put people in the criminal justice system at the heart of our work.
People in the criminal justice system hold the key to their own resettlement and often of those around them. Rehabilitation is not something that is 'done to' an individual. It comes from within and needs the right agent – someone with the same first-hand experiences – to keep them motivated, supported and inspired on the path to changing their lives.
Our approach is based on three pillars:
Whole journey – We provide consistent, personalised offender management and rehabilitation support from as early as possible on sentencing and throughout compliant delivery of sentences. This will include volunteers in courts, dedicated Case Managers for each offender, and a network of St Giles-trained Peer Advisors in prison.
Whole person – We aim to gain a full understanding of each offender's behaviour, attitudes, constraints, needs and strengths, so we can build the personalised rehabilitation support to achieve maximum impact; tackling the causes of behaviour, addressing the areas of focus and building on existing strengths using the experience and expertise of our partners.
Whole system – We work in partnership with Justice Agencies, local stakeholders and other partners to ensure joined-up rehabilitative support for offenders and public protection.
This represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us to improve the lives of some of the most disadvantaged people in society and move them away from the margins. By doing so we will create safer communities and reduce the number of future victims with all the financial and human consequences this brings.